As a photographer, I strive to treat your photos as works of art and not just a job.   I believe in making you as comfortable as possible while creating unique shots that will showcase your natural beauty.   My goal is to turn your moments into some of the best memories of your life.  I work closely with each client to better understand their individual expectations so that together we can produce beautiful images that will never grow old.

     Photography is a passion that is exceeded only by my husband and my children.  I treasure the time I spend with them and most times they inspire me to be even more creative when I’m doing a photo session.  Photography is never far from my mind, and my family is never far from my heart.  It is truly good to have balance in life. 

     It would be my honor and a special privilege to use my gift of photography to capture your most precious moments.  Creating lasting images and giving you my best during each photo session makes yours the most important pictures that I will ever take.  The validation in your smile makes me thankful that you chose SMarchel Photography for your event.